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Y1 Miss Connolly

It has been an exciting few weeks back at School after the Summer Holidays and Year 1C have settled into their new classroom tremendously well! It’s not all new and different though because Miss Connolly has come with us from Reception!

We are lucky because we have lots of adults helping in our class. Miss Chiassaro helps us every day, she is our learning support assistant and Ms Angela joins us in the morning for our reading sessions. We also have Specialist Teachers who come to our classroom once a week. Mr. Kearney teaches us Computing on Friday, Mr. Vijay teaches us PE on Friday and Mr. Watson teaches us Music on Thursday.

We love our new classroom. It is filled with lots of special displays and exciting areas like our ‘Super Writers Corner’, a role play Gingerbread house, sand and water areas, construction area, Maths working wall, a Creation Station and a super cosy reading garden! These areas are familiar to us from Reception and support our learning and understanding of the world.

It certainly has been a busy month so far! Our topic this term is ‘Get out of my Swamp’ which is all about fairytales! In topic we cover a range of subjects including geography, art, DT, music and history. We are so proud of our 3D fairy tale map that is on display in our classroom! It took team work and persistence to make all the different parts but it was worth in the end! We have Topic day once a week; on Tuesdays! It is Miss Connolly’s favourite day of the week!

We have PE twice a Week. Please bring PE kits in on Wednesday. They will be sent home on Friday. It would be very helpful if you could label everything in the PE kits! That way if clothes or shoes get mixed up they can be easily returned to their rightful owner!

In Year 1 we have daily reading sessions, where your child will read 1:1 with an adult. It is very important that your child brings in their reading record every day, so that an adult can write a comment. It is also important that your child is read with at home. It is expected that your child reads several pages a night and talks about their book, amounting to 10-15mins each night. Please sign and make a comment, this helps us to know how your child's reading is coming along at home

We also visit the Library in our new building, Saint Margaret Mary Annexe, to choose and borrow books every two weeks.

We are so excited about our upcoming school trip to the Royal Mews on Friday the 14th of October! We will be having a packed lunch that day.

We love to learn, grow and play together in Year 1! Please keep checking our class page for photographs of our learning and any trips we go on!

Visit to the Royal Mews

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