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Y3 Miss Albert

Hi and welcome to 3A's page :) 
Our class teacher is called Miss Albert. We have other adults in our classroom who are always there to help: Mrs Smith, Ms Locci, Miss Perez and Mr Deller. We are lucky to have these extra adults who come and read with us. In 3A we love to learn, that is why we have a reading corner so we can read and enjoy different types of books. We have iPads to get our technology brains working and we have an arts area to get artistic.  In addition to all this fun, we love learning Maths, English, R.E, Handwriting, Topic (our topic this term is 'Visit UK’) Computing (taught by Mr. Kearney), Spanish (taught by Senorita Inma) and P.E. (taught by Mr Vijay).

As our topic is ‘Visiting UK’, we will be learning all about UK countires and famous artists from the U.K.  We have a trip planned for this topic, which will take place on Thursday 29th September; where we will be visiting Buckingham Palace!

Our new RE topic is ‘In the Beginning’; where we will be taught the Creation of the World and understanding Scripture. Our assembly this term is on Tuesday 29th November 2016 and it will be all about Advent. We hope you can join us. 

Our classroom is full of resources which we use to learn. We have working displays where we can see our work displayed. We also use these displays to extend our knowledge.
We have P.E twice a week, we have to make sure we have our P.E. kit otherwise we won't be able to take part in P.E and will miss out on the fun P.E lessons. We do P.E outside and inside so we need to make sure we have the right kit. We can bring our P.E kits and leave them at school until half term. Then we can take them home to be washed and make sure we bring them back again.
  We have P.E. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The learning doesn't stop at school that is why we get homework. We get spellings on Monday and we have to make sure we complete our spelling words every evening ready for our spelling test on Friday. We also get English homework on Mondays due in on Friday. We get Maths homework on Wednesday to be given in on Friday. And we have R.E homework which is given out on Friday and due back on Tuesday. We also have to make sure we read every evening as we want to be super readers in 3A :) 

In Year 3A it is very important to remember we have to go forwards together in Christ, are all here to learn and show respect towards each other.
In 3A we love learning.
We are eager and ready to learn, and looking forward to Year 3!

Buckingham Palace

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