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Welcome to 3D’s class page!

We have been dying to get back to school and can’t wait to share our learning journey on the website each term. Miss Durkin is our class teacher this year (again!). We are very lucky to have other teachers in our class too- Mrs. Holloway and Mrs. Smith.

Our classroom is huuuugggeee this year- lots of space for us to do some active learning. There are interesting non-fiction and exciting chapter books in our class library.

We work very hard and love seeing our work displayed on our boards in the classroom; this helps us learn as we can use them in our lessons to extend our knowledge. Every Friday, we have Topic day where we learn about our

Topic through IT, Art, Writing and games. Our Topic is ‘Visit the UK’- A geographical Topic that will help us learn all about the United Kingdom.

In Year 3 we learn Spanish on Mondays. Miss Fernandez teaches us loads of awesome songs to help us expand our vocabulary. We even answer to the register in Spanish.

On Wednesdays this term, we will have tennis with Islington coaches in the morning and on Thursdays we have P.E. with Mr.Longstaff, our specialist PE teacher at Sacred Heart, so we must remember to bring in our P.E. kits on these days! If we don’t, we are unable to take part in the fun lessons. PE lessons will take place either in the hall or outside. It is also important that all of our PE kits have our names on them, so they do not get mixed up with other PE kits. We keep our P.E. kits in school until half term (unless they need a wash before then).

Also on Thursdays, we have a Computing lesson with Mr. Kearney where we learn how to be safe online and even some simple coding.

Our first assembly in Year 3 will be on Tuesday 28th November.

More information and photos of our learning will be put up on the website throughout the year so make sure to check our class page regularly to see what we have been up-to. In 3D we love learning together and hope to have a fun and enjoyable year.


Adios Amigos!

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