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In our Autumn 1 Topic, 'The Crown' we focused on History and Art. In Art, we explored painting, colour theory and collage skills. Below, you can see our knowledge organiser, some of the wonderful Art skills we learnt and how we drew on these skills to create some fantastic final pieces of work related to our Topic.

Exploring colour theory and introducing the colour wheel:

Creating tints, shades and tones of colours by adding white, black or black and white to a colour.

Creating textured paint: mixing a secondary colour and adding texture with sand

Exploring mixing materials, adding detail and embellishment for effect:

Applying our knowledge of secondary colours and tints, shades and tones to create bunting for our display.

Applying our collage skills to create art based on our significant Historical focus person: Queen Elizabeth ii

Display of Year 2 Art - Collages using a mixture of materials, bunting showing different secondary colours with added tint, tone or shade and a textured background created with sand and paint.

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