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Crime and Punishment

This half term, in Art, we have been practising our sketching skills. We have studied artwork by Pricilla Coleman who used to sit in courtrooms while the trial was occurring, sketching the action in the dock. Using her work as inspiration, we too have been drawing 'Crime and Punishment' drawings. We have worked really hard to include a range of techniques in our work including: sketching from observation, using three different shading techniques and using at least three different types of pencil.


During our Art topic, we have also been experimenting with clay. Our first session was recapping and practising different techniques for example: rolling, smoothing and creating texture with tools. This then culminated in a 'quick clay competition' where the children had to apply these skills to create their own mini sculpture. Eventually, we are going to create our own 'Crime and Punishment' inspired sculptures using these techniques. 


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