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Spring 1-Sketching and 3D modelling

This term, we will be thinking about designing, creating, planning and evaluating our work, as well as looking at other artists for inspiration and ideas. 


Today, we looked at the different types of sketching and specific vocabulary, before using this to compare two sketches by Artist Vija Celmins. 



Today, we made our clay models!



And finally, today we painted them using inspiration from previous Artists explored within this topic!



Autumn 1-Colour Theory

This term, we will focus on tints, shades, tones and creating a variety of colors with paints, as well as exploring different sketching techniques. 


Today, we painted our own colour wheels by mixing primary colours to create secondary colours. We also recapped what complimentary colours are and the difference between warm and cool colours. 



This week, we looked at Roman mosaics and using our knowledge of colour theory made a design and wrote about our colour choices. 



Today, we used our sketches and cut up small squares of paper to create Roman mosaic. 



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