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Art and DT

Autumn Term 1 - Colour Theory and Collage 


In the Autumn term, we will be looking at colours; how to mix them, create tints and shades, complimentary colours and colour wheels. We will use our knowledge of colour to create different pieces of art work and to create a whole class collage linked to our Ancient Egypt topic. We will also be looking at different artists and styles of art to inspire our work.


Exploring Complementary Colours

Our pharaoh collages - we created a mixed media piece of artwork using paint, photos and different collage materials!

Autumn Term 2 - Design & Technology


This term, we are looking at Design and Technology. First, we are focussing on our cooking skills and thinking about how we can cook hygienically and safely. Our food was linked to our Wonders of the World Cup topic so we created a French flamiche - a leek tart! To make this we practised our cutting skills using the claw hold or the peekaboo grip to chop up our leeks. Then, we had to grate some cheese and finally, we mixed in eggs, creme fraiche and butter. 


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