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Art and DT

In the Autumn term, we will be looking at colours; how to mix them, create tints and shades, complementary colours and colour wheels. We will use our knowledge of colour to create different pieces of art work and to create a whole class collage linked to our Ancient Egypt topic. We will also be looking at different artists and styles of art to inspire our work.


Creating tones, shades and tints and exploring colour - we were inspired by paintings from Paul Klee and Frank Bowling

Turning ourselves into Pharoahs using collage techniques!

Creating our whole class collage.

In Autumn 2, we completed a Design Technology project where we created our own flapjacks and packaging. We followed a design brief and came up with ideas for creating sustainable and eco-friendly packaging that would stand out to a customer. We then focussed on the ingredients and the process to create them by testing different foods and analysing the methods we could use to cut and mix the ingredients. Finally, we got to make and eat them - we thought they were delicious! 

At the beginning of the new year, we have focussed on Art and looked at sketching and printing. We learnt about different types of mark making such as scumbling, stippling and cross hatching. We tested different hardness' of pencils and learnt what the scale used for H and B pencils was for. These sketching techniques we then used to focus on drawing different landmarks from around London. Then, we applied the sketches to printing techniques such as relief and mono printing. We created block prints using poly boards and linoleum - it was a little tricky but we loved our final designs! 

Sketching and printing and some of our final pieces!

In Spring 2, we are back to Design and Technology where we are going to create our own Stone Age tool: a spear! First, we need to think about the functional properties of a spear and how we might make these in our own version. To do this, we looked at images of Stone Age spears and examined different materials that were used in this era. We are looking forward to testing out whether are spears have been made well enough to pierce through some fruit! 

Our ancient spear heads made from clay. After they dried, we added a glaze to strengthen them. Next, we will be binding them to wooden sticks to create our final product- a Stone Age spear!

We practised our rope joins and then applied those skills to help us join our spear head to our wooden sticks. Finally, we tested them in playdough to see if they could pierce it successfully!

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