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Art and DT

Summer 2- Enterprise: Communication and Celebration!


This topic will have a DT/Art focus and link with our History unit of communication through the ages. Here, we will be designing, creating, evaluating and selling our very own thank-you cards!

Today we investigated existing designs and created our own design criteria. 

Summer 1

This term, we move back to Art! We will be focussing on many aspects of Art this term including, modelling clay, using textiles to create textures and make stitches and expanding upon our knowledge of painting, using light and shadow. 


We started this term with a recap of sketching techniques and then practised how to make dark and light marks. We then used this to create our own sketch of a mountain, linking with our Geography topic. 


Today we recapped our learning on hues, tints and shades and applied this to our mountains topic by creating a mountain scene by mixing colours. 



Today, we looked at tapestries and how to weave pieces of fabric between the holes in our hessian fabric. 




Today, we practised our stitching. First, we looked at a basic running stitch and had a go before moving onto the more complicated cross stitch. We worked very hard and it took a lot of patience to use a needle and pull the thread through! 


Finally, we revisited our skills with clay and made Peruvian pots! We practised our joining skills to make one or two handles for the pots!


Spring 2

This term, there will be a DT focus. We will be linking this project with our History topic and making a Stone Age tool to help us prepare food. We will be exploring Stone Age tools and working out how they were made. We will investigate what materials we have and what we think would make a good tool. We will then test out our theories and create our own!


Today, we dissembled, investigated and explored a range of materials to decide which would be best in creating a Stone Age Spear. We looked at pictures of ancient spear heads and examined samples of different rock and rope types to determine which would be best. We also had to consider the functional properties of a spear to help us decide which materials would be most effective.



Today, we designed and made our own ancient Stone Age spear heads using clay. We thought carefully about the shape so that the tool would be effective and easy to build onto our spear shaft. Below is the outline we drew to mould our clay around.

Today, we learnt how to tie different types of knots and practiced them using rope. We were trying to investigate different ways to join our spearheads to the wooden shaft. Once we were confident with the different knots, we tried attaching pens to wooden sticks to see if the joins were strong enough.


Today we finally made our spears! We attached our spear heads to the wooden shaft using pieces of string and then evaluated them afterwards. discussing what we liked and disliked and what we could improve on next time. 



Spring 1 


This term our focus will be Art. During this topic we will be exploring different sketching techniques and types of printing, including mono and relief prints and designing and creating our own class piece using a range of different layers and colours. 


Today we experimented with different types of pencil and sketching techniques with the end result being to choose our favourite and make an apple look 3D!


Today, we explored London landmarks and applied our skills from last week to sketch the Gherkin and other famous landmarks. We will be using this to help us with our final piece based on a cityscape theme. 



The past few Art sessions we have looked at making prints. Our first print was based on the image of the Gherkin and we used tools to etch the outline of the building into lino. Our second couple of prints were based on city scape backgrounds, featuring tall buildings. These were done on polystyrene and etched in with pencil. We then used complimentary colours to print them twice in our books! Here's a look at some of the different stages!




Today, we explored mono-printing and used laminating sheets over our sketches to first paint and then print onto material. This week we sketched the London Eye, so that next week when it comes to creating our final piece, we will have two famous landmarks and a city scape background to print onto our canvass! 



Our whole terms work has eventually resulted in a class canvass based on repeating block prints on polystyrene and lino to create a city scape of London! I wonder which landmarks you can spot?



Over the festive period we have been doing a range of Christmas crafts. To look our best for the nativity/Christmas performances we decorated crowns so that we could wear them for the performance and made our own Christmas cards using chalk!





Autumn 2

 This term, we will have a DT focus, exploring sustainable food and packaging and how we can ensure we work together to decrease our food waste. We will be looking at existing products and investigate making our own sustainable ones.


Our work so far, has focussed on existing packaging and evaluating it, considering what makes products and packaging sustainable and designing our own for our school bake sale!



During today's session, we looked at seasonal ingredients and investigated which fruits are seasonal during this time of the year in the UK. We then had a taste test of apples, pears, raisins and prunes to assess which ingredients we thought would best be mixed with our flapjacks! 




After last week's taste test, we practised cutting with precision this week to ensure that we could hold and use a knife properly! Afterwards, we made ourselves a checklist to ensure we know what steps to follow when we make our product. 



Today, we worked as a team to create trays of flapjack! We had different jobs and all contributed to the mixing, chopping, stirring, measuring and squeezing everything into the mixture! We also made our final designs for the packaging and evaluated our products. 


Autumn 1

This term we will be focusing on our painting skills and developing our understanding of colour wheels and light and dark tones. We will also begin experimenting with different styles of brush stroke and how to create different effects. 



In our first few sessions we explored primary and secondary colours, complimentary colours and tints and shades. The children have become more skilled in using paint and matching colours to create desired effects. 



Last week we planned how we would make ourselves into Pharaohs by looking at existing images and Egyptian Art. Today we collaged our own faces based on our preferences from last weeks research!






Today we started creating a shared class art piece based on Tutankhamun's Death Mask. We started by painting the colours and next week, we will be collaging to create the gold and jewelled look of the original one!




Today we finished and collaged our Tutankhamun! Afterwards, we evaluated it and what we liked and disliked about it and what we might do differently next time!


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