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Spring 2

This term, we will be researching, designing, making and evaluating an eco-friendly product!


Our final product will be woven basket, made from recycled materials. First, we annotated and looked at existing products, followed by making our own paper weaves and then experimenting with cutting up materials and seeing what we thought would work best!




Today we measured the circumference of our weaving frame using string and a ruler. We had to make sure we measured precisely, ensure that we were measuring from 0 and measuring to the nearest millimetre. We then tried three different methods of joining our strips together: gluing, tying and taping.  We discussed which the most efficient and strongest method was.

Autumn 2-Wonders of the World Cup!

This term in DT, we will be starting with cooking and then designing and making a product linked with our World Cup focus teams!

Today, we designed our gingerbread men/women, taking inspiration from one of our chosen countries, Germany!



Today, me made our gingerbreads!



Then, we decorated them!



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