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Library Time!

Today, we had our first library session of 2022 which was very exciting. We continued to read some of our story with Nariece and took out some new books on loan! 

Black Dog


Our book for the first 3 weeks back is 'Black Dog'. Join us, as we follow a little girl, Small, on her adventures with her family and a mysterious black dog!



This week in our Reading sessions, we have been making multiple predictions! We started by using the clues on the front cover to make a guess about what we thought would happen and then we read parts of the book to make a second and third prediction about where we thought the story was headed. Afterwards, we all read the book together and wished there was a sequel as we loved it so much! 

We also made some inferences about a characters thoughts and feelings based on images and words in the book. 

We followed this up with looking at an author's choice of words and the reasons behind the language used in the story. 


In our writing sessions this week, we have been trying to up-level our vocabulary and have spent time using a thesaurus to ensure we have the best possible words for our work. We then tried to use these new words when we wrote similes, metaphors and personification to describe characters and nouns in the book. 



We used this language to then  write a character description of the Black Dog, edited our work in green pen and will then publish them into our extended writing books!



Today, out focus was on speech and thinking about what the family might have said to one another when they saw the Black Dog. We wrote our ideas on post it notes and then formulated it into speech into our books!


This week, we have been planning our suspense stories based on the structure of our class text,  Black Dog. We have created our families and fears and will be using our plans to begin writing up the events later this week. We have been trying hard to ensure we include a variety of punctuation, a range of adverbs and as much description as possible.

Henry's Freedom Box


Our next book is a moving retell of a character named Henry who finds himself as a salve and follows his story as he escapes to freedom!



The children have been using the text for their reading and writing lessons. 


In our reading we have focussed on our inference skills, considering how characters are feeling and how we know, using evidence from the text. We also embedded our retrieval skills and answered questions about the book, using the evidence provided to support our answers. 


In our writing, we have been looking at suffixes and a range of punctuation to help us complete a series of diary entries. We have written from the perspective of Henry and are now working on another one from the perspective of another character. We wrote a good example on the board together and used pictures to help us sequence the events.  

Our Second Library Visit

Today we visited the library to exchange our books for some new, exciting ones that we haven't read before! We also continued to listen to our library time story 'Baby Alien's got my Teacher!'. 


The Iron Man 

Our next text is the Iron Man, written by Ted Hughes. This is a fantastic story, with amazing characters! The children will spend their first few lessons making predictions using evidence from the text and exploring the language used to describe the characters. 


Over the past few weeks we have been very busy with the Iron Man!

We began first by reading the first few chapters and then, in our writing sessions, recording an account of what had happened in the form of a newspaper!


W then started describing characters from the story, using similes, personification and metaphors. We described the Iron Man, Hogarth and concluded with a setting description. 


We are no working on more skills, like practising how to use inverted commas for speech to begin writing our own version of the story next week!

In our Reading lessons we have focussed on lots of retrieval and inference skills as well as recognising and describing the themes in the books we have read so far this year!


Our First Library Visit


Today we visited the library again and borrowed some books! We listened to some of a story and then chose our own!

The Story of Tutankhamun 



We have now moved onto a book based around the Egyptians, linking in nicely with our History topic! 

This story is all about the boy king Tutankhamun and the archaeologist that found his tomb, Howard Carter. 


Today we made predictions and sequenced part of the book on the process of mummification which will help us when we write our instructions at the end of the week!


The BFG!

Our text focus in Writing and Reading will be Roald Dahl's 'The BFG' which the children are already enjoying! 

We will be focussing on retrieval and inference skills in Reading, whilst we describe the characters using expanded noun phrases and conjunctions in Writing lessons.  


Have a look here: at the website for lots more fun stories and trivia about Roald Dahl and his brilliant ideas. 


Don't forget it's Roald Dahl day on Monday 13th September so you can come dressed as your favourite character!


Over the past few weeks we have been exploring characters in our writing and learning to use descriptive words and phrases to create an image in the readers mind. Here is an example for Sophie...


We are currently working on using these skills and more in a retell of one of the chapters which we will publich in our extended writing books. 


In our reading sessions, the children have been enjoying exploring the book further and asking and answering questions about it. They especially enjoyed it when our librarian came to read more of the story to them on Roald Dahl day!


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