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Journey to Jo'burg, A South African Story written by Beverley Naidoo

Through this story we will learn about the racial inequality in South Africa and embed our retrieval, inference, prediction and vocabulary skills. Our English writing, will also see us write a letter to the government about our views on the Apartheid system. 


Today, we used the i-pads to complete a Seesaw task on the Apartheid system and what life might have been like if the children, Naledi and Tiro were white. 


Library Visits 

Today, we read a picture book and talked about the moral of the story, changed and renewed our library books!

Today, we had our first library visit of the term and met our new librarian! She helped remind us of the library rules and read some of The Witches for us too!

The Witches 

Our next book focus will be 'The Witches' by Roald Dahl!


In our Reading lessons we have been practicing a variety of skills from  making predictions and answering retrieval questions:


To sequencing and summarizing key events to help us retell parts of the story and explain what happened!


In our Writing lessons, we have been using conjunctions to compare and contrast:


Using similes and metaphors to describe key characters:


And been using information to learn facts about Roald Dahl's life to create our own biographies, where our work was showcased on display!

Escape From Pompeii

To start the term, our first book will be 'Escape From Pompeii' written by Christina Balit. We will be focusing on our descriptive skills in Writing, leading to a setting description and diary entries and in our reading we will be practicing our inference and retrieval skills. 


Today, we have used everything we have learnt about descriptive language, adverbs and our spelling words and used them to write a  setting description about the volcanic eruption at Pompeii. 



In our Reading lessons, we have been working hard on our retrieval skills and learning to locate the evidence in the text to prove how we found our answer. 


Today, we revisited the past tense in groups and remined ourselves how to write in the style of a diary entry, as we prepare to be one of the characters!



Today, we used a thesaurus to up-level our vocabulary and apply this to our own perspective when writing a few sentences in a diary entry. 


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