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Year 1

Up, Up and Away: Changes within and beyond living memory. Events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally for example the first aeroplane flight and the first moon landing.



Year 2

The Crown: Looking at the lives of significant individuals (Queen Elizabeth) and comparing different periods of time. 



Year 3

Tomb Raiders: Looking at the achievements of early civilisations (Ancient Egypt) focusing on the location, culture and religion of this time. 



Year 4

Roman Rule: An in depth study of the chronology of the period, culture, art and literature. 



Year 5

The Battle of Britain and beyond: Identifying a significant turning point in British History and exploring a local area study of Islington, during and after the War.



Year 6

The Great War's Great Hero: Commemorating the Great War and taking part in a local History case study. 

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