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History skill focus: Chronology and Vocabulary

Here's an example of a timeline I found on Google images- learn all about timelines below (Focus for Year 2 children)

​​​​​​Chronology- Timelines: In Year 2, I need to be able to:


O Place events and artefacts in order on a time line.


O Label time lines with words or phrases such as: past, present, older and newer.


Use dates where appropriate (such as when I learn about the Great Fire of London).


Why not use the example above and create a timeline of your life or about events in History that you have explored (Look at the other pages in this History support section to help you)? 


History vocabulary

You need to be able to use these words when describing the passing of time or events that have happened:


  • ‘past’ ‘present’ ‘older’ ‘newer’ , ‘then’, ‘now’
  • Use words and phrases such as: a long time ago, recently, when my parents were children, years, to describe the passing of time.
  • Use days, weeks and months to describe when events happened.
  •  ‘before’, ‘after’ (Year 2)
  • decades and centuries (Year 2)


Use the words above to help you describe these photographs taken from other sections of our KS1 History support: 

We've had
2 1 4 6 7 0
Previously we had