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Hot and cold places

It's time to explore hot and cold places in the world! Three key places you will learn about: The Equator, The North Pole and The South Pole

The Equator: The Equator is an imaginary circle around Earth. It divides Earth into two equal parts and runs in between the North pole and South pole.

Places close to the Equator are hotter.

Watch this video then try the experiment yourself to help understand why: You will need a balloon, torch and pen.

The coldest places on Earth are far from the Equator.

Get your blanket and snuggle up warm while you watch this introduction to Frozen Planet which shows a snapshot of life in these cold places.

Journey to Antarctica- the coldest continent on Earth

Experience the coldest continent on the planet which is home to the South Pole at the bottom of our planet.

Join Tammy as she visits the North Pole in this animated story full of facts.

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