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0 through 9 1961
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Jasper Johns' Art work in a sentence:

Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary!


Jasper Johns' Art work is all about taking things that we see all the time (and often ignore) and turning them into pieces of art which makes you look at them in a different way. For example, he has used numbers, flags and maps a lot to inspire his art work.


Look at the example at the top of the page. This painting shows numbers 0-9 but it looks very different to how we usually see numbers doesn't it!

Learn more about Jasper Johns in the videos and links below:

All about Jasper Johns and an idea for you to do at home too.

"Map" by Jasper Johns, 1961 | MoMA Education

Find out all one of Jasper John's art works with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York with the clip for kids below:
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