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In the Autumn term, we read 'The BFG' , followed by 'The Story of Tutankhamun'. In our writing, we focussed on descriptive pieces using expanded noun phrases, similes and interesting verbs and adverbs

We will continue to practice our punctuation and spellings too! 

We wrote our own versions of Sophie meeting the Giant.

We read the Iron Man by Ted Hughes and then created a newspaper report about Iron giants arrival in the town!

Our Tutankhamun Biographies

This spring, we read the books Black Dog and The Street Beneath My Feet. We practised lots of punctuation skills such as speech marks and apostrophes during our first book and used these to write our own version of the Black Dog story. With our second book, we created a non-fiction report filled with interesting facts that we found out. In this piece of writing, we focussed on using a range of punctuation, fronted adverbials and sub-headings. 

Our wonderful non-chronological reports all about what you can find deep in the Earth below.

Celebrating World Book Day!

In Spring term, we focussed on the famous William Shakespeare text - A Midsummer Night's Dream. Then, we researched Shakespeare himself and went on a scavenger hunt around the playground to find out facts about him!

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