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Times tables 



Every week, we practise our times tables because they are a very important part of our practise at Sacred Heart! Having quick recall of times tables helps with our Maths lessons and allows us to really get stuck into our problem solving and reasoning challenges!


If you wish to support your child's learning of their times tables at home, please use: 

Spring 1- Division

In Spring 1, we are going to focus on division. We are going to start by using counters, then a number line and finally the bus stop method (see above). We're going to use our times tables and multiplication knowledge we have learnt so far to help us!


Autumn 2- Multiplication



This half term, we have been practising multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number using the formal method of multiplication!

We learnt to put the numbers into the correct place value column after, you have to multiply the 1 digit number by the ones then, multiply the 1 digit by the tens. Finally, you have to add the two number together to get your answer!




As a challenge, we've also been using these number sentences to explore the inverse.

e.g. 42 x 5 = 210    210 ÷ 5 = 42


Autumn 1- Place Value



The children have been investigating how numbers are formed and how to partition them. In Year 3, we will be in working with ones, tens, hundreds and thousands and the children have been working really hard to ensure they can recognise, order and compare different numbers. 



Addition and Subtraction 



We have recently begun our work on addition and subtraction and the children are already proving they are using what their place value knowledge taught previously! 


We will begin by recapping our KS1 knowledge of adding and subtracting 1 and 2 digit numbers before moving on to 3 digit numbers. We are beginning to use the column method of addition and subtraction and we are enjoying the challenge! 

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