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Multiplication and Division 

We have been learning how to multiply and divide different numbers. We learnt that  arrays can help us with our multiplication calculations as you can see in the model below. When we are multiplying we can use 'groups' to sort our manipulatives into and then count how many there are altogether. When we are dividing we have learnt to share out our manipulatives into different  groups and count how many in each group. Below you can see all my hard work! 



During our math sessions we have been exploring number. We started looking at place value and the different ways we could represent numbers. This helped us to become experts at addition and subtraction. First we used diens to help us and then we moved on to adding and subtracting with a number line. You can see our wonderful learning below. 



In maths we have been exploring time. We made our very own clocks which helped us to tell the time to O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter two. Make sure you ask me what time it is and I'll be sure to tell you.

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