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Multiplication and Division 

Today, we used diennes to help us divide before we worked on the bus stop method. 


Place Value 

In Maths, we are back to Place Value to recap our partitioning skills, ordering and comparing numbers. 


This week, we have been exploring representations of 4 digit numbers and comparing them, as you can see below. 


In our lessons, we have looked at partitioning numbers and writing them in words as well as digits. 



Today, we moved onto estimating and plotting where we think numbers would belong on various number lines. 



Today, we recapped our learning about shapes including; faces, edges, vertices, different types of lines and angles, as well as the names of multiple different 2D and 3D shapes. 


Multiplication and Division 

Today, we started this unit by counting in steps of 3, 6, 4 and 8, before we focused on the 3 and 6 times tables through a mixture of different activities. 


Addition and Subtraction 

We have revisited the column method in this unit to both add and subtract and also use it to help us solve the inverse to double check our calculations are correct. 


Place Value


Today, we created our own number lines, focusing on negative numbers and the symmetry of a number line. We explored patterns and similarities between the numbers, created our own on the playground and then came back to class to answer some questions. 



We have also been learning how to round to make better estimates and recognizing the place value of each digits in a 4-digit number.



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