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Summer 2

This term our PE days are Wednesday and Friday!

On Wednesday's we will be learning tennis with our external tennis coaches and on Friday's we will be exploring tag rugby together as a class. 


Today in our first session of tag rugby, we worked on our cooperation as a team to attack and defend certain areas. We also practised changing speed and direction to avoid the tag of a defender/attacker. 


Today, we worked in small groups to pass and intercept the ball, throw the ball to a partner from the ground and work as a team to throw the rugby ball. 



Today in tennis, we practised our forehand and backhand shots and learnt how to stand in our ready positions. 


Today we focussed on forehand shots and having a rally with a partner. 


Today, we practised our volley shots and holding the racket in certain positions in order to control the ball better. 


Summer 1 

This term we will be working with the Non-Stop Action team on a dance unit and working on our class unit playing cricket. 


Our first week back saw us tackle a dance session but a slightly different one to normal! Today, we had the privilege of a participating  in a Morris dancing workshop. Take a look below to see what we got up to! 


Today, we had our first dance session with Non Stop Action. The children really enjoyed their introductory session, focussing on the beat of the music and creating their own rhythmic patterns in counts of 8, and are looking forward to their next lesson. 


Today, we practised our 'straight drive' bowling and also worked in teams of 3 to be a batter, bowler and wicket keeper. 



Today, we built upon our knowledge of rhythm from our last dance session and created different patterns working in small groups to create some different routines of various lengths, based on binary, ternary and rondo forms. 


Today, we learnt what unison and canon meant in terms of dance and practised these in our own routines. Here you can see a canon in action as the boys went first and the girls followed after 4 counts!


Spring 2 

After our busy last term, this term we are staying in school and completing our athletics unit! The children will work on a range of individual skills and improving their own confidence and ability to perform certain actions, as well as developing the ability to work together in team events. 


Today we practised our jumping, from basic standing jumps to running and jumping combined together. We focussed on the initial start pose and landing position in order to make sure we landed safely and softly to avoid hurting ourselves and worked in groups to assess how far we were able to jump each time and evaluate our successes. 



Today we consolidated what we learnt about jumping last week and built these movements into small group sequences following markers. We also learnt and experimented with changing speeds and alternating between fast paced and slow controlled movements using different games. 



Today, we started to loo at hurdling and the various ways we could move and jump over them. We changed the height of the hurdles and the spaces between them to make it easier/harder to challenge ourselves!



Today, we started to work on our throwing skills and practised javelin throwing! We worked on our stance and how to hold the javelin, as well as taking a run up to a throw!


This week, we focussed on our skipping, both individually and in pairs! We consolidated jumping using both feet, followed by hopping and then together if we were able to. 


Today, we revisited skipping and began moving over a distance, rather than skipping on the spot. We also began learning how to skip backwards if we were confident moving from space to space forwards. 


Spring 1 

During this term we are swimming!! This will be an intensive afternoon course for 2 weeks starting the 17th of January and finishing on the 28th. On these days the children will need to bring their swimming costume/shorts, swimming hat, towel and goggles if you have them!  


Around our swimming blocks, we will also be completing weekly fitness sessions so we still get our active slots each week!


Autumn 2

This term our PE focus will be football in one of our sessions, led by the Arsenal Football coaches and a second session, based around fitness. Our PE days this term are Tuesday's and Thursday's.




Today, we had our first Arsenal session and learnt the term 'invasion games'. We practised dribbling with either our hands and our feet in pairs before progressing to work in a group of 4 to try and score some goals!


This week we revisited our stuck in the mud warm up and practised dribbling and passing using our hands and feet. We changed direction and speed and focussed on our three key words: look, run, control. We built these elements into lots of different games, 1:1 and in small groups. 


Our third session saw us recap and enhance the skills we were taught last week. We focussed on the success criteria 'Look, run and control' in order to achieve the aims of our invasion games. We challenged ourselves by making the space smaller so we had to control it better and used a mixture of our hands and feet to achieve our objectives!


Our fourth session specifically focussed on the 'run' element of our success criteria. We practised changing direction with and without a ball and also changing our speed through different games. 



Our penultimate session saw us revisit the three skills, 'look, control and run' incorporating these into large scale group and class games, with and without the ball, using them in different ways!


Our final session was focussed around direction and taking part in small group games where precision and accuracy were of great importance! The children worked well in their groups and practised turning and tricking their opponents through various ways of moving. 





In today's fitness session we focussed on a mixture of cardio and ab exercises, using different timed intervals. We were very red faced by the end of it! 


Today, we did another mixture of moves but mainly focussed on cardio activities. We did a range of lunges, squats, burpees, high knees, press ups and lots more!



This week we focussed on some tricky moves from previous sessions, particularly backwards lunges! We did a variety of core strength exercises and some quick blasts of cardio!



Autumn 1


Take a look below to see the skills we will be covering in gymnastics this term!


The past few lessons have seen the children learn and master a variety of shapes, stands and rolls; including, forward rolls, pikes, tucks, teddy bear rolls and forward rolls. We have also been working hard on our balances and using our core muscles to ensure we have the right body tension to succeed. 




This week we focussed on some different balances and shapes that will eventually lead to us performing handstands. We learnt how to perform cat leaps and scissor kicks and the initial stages of performing a handstand. 




As we near the end of our gymnastics unit, we will gradually build upon all the rolls, jumps, balances and bridges we have learnt and start sequencing them together to make a group routine. 


This week, in pairs, we started to work on our routines and linking them together as best we could. We also learnt how to 'present' so that we could start and end our routine properly. 




Today, we reached the end of our unit and performed and evaluate each others routines!




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