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Our PE days are Thursday and Friday 


Please ensure correct kit is worn to school on both of these days.

Spring 2- Basketball, Non-Stop Action and Invasion Games-Arsenal Coaches

Over the past two weeks, we have been working on the social side of games with the Arsenal coaches. Using our hands and feet, we have explored developing our own skills, working with a partner, playing small games and working in the same space as a whole class to develop our communication and team work skills. At the end of today's session, we were presented with certificates for either being inspiring, ambitious or fair!

The past few weeks, we have been exploring passing, dribbling and point scoring with a partner. 



Spring 1-Tennis and

This term, our tennis coaches are with us and will be teaching us some new skills! 


In our first lesson, we practiced bouncing and hitting the ball to one another. 


This week, we practiced our forehand and backhand shots with a partner. 


Today, we continued practicing last weeks skills and having a rally with a partner. 


Today, we had to work inside because of the weather! But this gave us a chance to work on our own skills individually hitting the ball forehand and backhand. 



Our Non-Stop Action PE team are back with us this term, building on our gymnastics unit from last year. 




In our first session, we recapped what body tension was and learnt how to do a tuck, pencil, half and full turn jump.



Today, we learnt how to do a straddle jump and a forward roll, starting and ending with a straddle. 




This week, we looked at different bridges! Baby bridge, table top bridge and then a full bridge, practicing extending our legs. 



Today, we learnt how to do a mixture of handstands!


For our final session, we performed routines in partners and evaluated our progress!



Autumn 2-Hockey

Here is this terms knowledge organizer to help you see what we'll be covering...



Today we practiced how to hold our hockey stick running at speed when dribbling, how to stop and how to do a strength push/pass to our partners. 



This week, we practiced our dribbling, passes and shots on goal!



Autumn 1-Roundersand Swimming 

Our knowledge Organisers are a good way of keeping up to date with the skills your child is covering in PE. 

Today, we practiced our team work skills and our throwing and catching, specifically when bowling. 




Today, we used the bats and balls to practice our batting and bowling and also introduced a back stop.



Today, we worked in small groups to be batters, fielders and bowlers!




We will be starting swimming on the 26th September-6th October this term. Please ensure children have a bag with a towel, swimming cap and goggles if needed. We will also be looking for parent volunteers to help so please let us know if you would be interested. 



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