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Today we started our new PE topic dance! We stepped into the ‘Lion King jungle’ and pretended to be different animals that we would find in the jungle. We use our bodies to act out these animals and how they would travel around the space. You can see my wonderful learning below.

Fitness Friday

This term in PE we have been trying to keep fit and healthy. Our fitness focus for this term has been running. We have learnt different techniques to help us run and have ran a daily mile every Friday! We even used our Science lesson to observe the impact of running on our bodies.


We are very lucky to have  gymnastic coaches from  Non-Stop Action come in every Wednesday to help us learn new gymnastic skills! We have learnt about balance, shapes and have even put together our own routine using all our gymnastic shapes and moves.




This term we have been lucky enough to have tennis coaches come in and help us with our tennis skills. We have learnt how to use a racket, bat a ball and positions in tennis which enable us to be better players.

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