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Autumn Term 1 - Gymnastics and Rounders


This term, we are learning about different moves, leaps and balances in gymnastics on a Monday. On Thursdays, we are practising the skills needed to play rounders and will end the term by completing a game! 

Gymnastics Lesson - We learnt about body tension and practised our tuck, straddle and pike poses!

In rounders, we have been learning about creating a long barrier to stop a ball and being a backstop who's ready to catch a ball.

We learnt how to perfect our forward rolls!

First, we practised L shape handstands before moving on to full handstands - our gymnastics has been improving every week!

Autumn Term 2 - Invasion Games and Basketball 


We are very lucky this term! We are working with the coaches from Arsenal on invasion games and football skills on a Tuesday and working with the coaches from Non-Stop Action doing basketball on a Friday! We have been learning lots of new physical skills as well as looking at our social and emotional skills when playing together! 



Passing using the inside of our foot - we made it trickier by passing through small gates!

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