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Piet Mondrian

Let's explore Piet Mondrian!

Piet Mondrian
Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red 1937–42

Mondrian's Art in a sentence:

Abstract art with straight lines, squares and primary colours!


Fun facts about Mondrian:

He is a Dutch artist best known for abstract work using squares and rectangles.

He always mixed his own colours and never just used paint from the tube.

He used primary colours: red, yellow and blue in his art.

He loved dancing!

He never measured his lines with a ruler.

Mondrian also painted lots of trees early in his career. 

Lots of furniture and furniture uses Mondrian's prints as inspiration.


Below you can see another of Mondrian's abstract paintings. Click on the link below to hear an audio guide to help you explore it. Then follow the other links to explore even more about Mondrian!




Piet Mondrian. Broadway Boogie Woogie. 1942-43
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