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Spring 1


This term our focus is on being a 'Sacramental People'. The children will explore the language and what it means for something to be 'sacred' as well as exploring he sacraments and how God is present within our daily lives. We will also look at the actions of believers and explore why Catholics act and behave in particular ways. 


The past few lessons in RE we have looked at what the word 'sacramental' means and how we can be a sacramental people. We thought about what a believer might say and do to show that they are a sacramental person. 


We also looked at where we think God is and how we can identify his presence. We read a lovely story called 'Maybe God is like that too' and identified how we could see and hear God in the world around us. 

Autumn 2

Our new unit in RE will be 'Advent to Christmas' where we will explore the preparations and the waiting period of Advent and why it is an important time of the year. This years focus will be on the Gospel of Luke. 


So far this term we have explored which liturgical year we are in and who's gospel we are reading. The children have become more familiar with the Bible, especially the Gospel of Luke. We have read two stories from chapter 1, the annunciation and the story of Mary visiting Elizabeth. We have also looked at how these women prepared for the birth of Jesus and how we prepare to celebrate today.




Over the past few weeks we have been exploring different signs and symbols of Advent. We discussed what makes them special and how we prepare for Advent. We have also been looking at the Gospel of Luke portrays the birth of Jesus and how this compares to other stories we know. Last week we made a class advent calendar and today we made Advent promises and a class wreath.  



After a week spent on Judaism last term, where the children further explored Moses and what it means to be Jewish, today they had a workshop based around the synagogue. They learnt about the place of worship, special signs and symbols, the language and the alphabet used when writing in Hebrew, as well as looking at artefacts and designing their own. It was very fun and informative for everyone involved!


Autumn 1

Our First topic is 'In the Beginning', where we will look at a range of metaphors to describe God, retell religious stories and relate and relate what we know to our own experiences. 


We have exploring our school prayers and understanding the importance of why we ourselves and others pray. 


We have also been taking the opportunity to explore prayer through our Class Worship and times of reflection. 

In our class sessions we have also explored who and what God is and what qualities he possesses so that we can try and be more like him. 


The past few lessons we have been looking at the story of Moses and the Burning Bush and exploring his relationship with God. To show our understanding we answered some questions about the story followed by some artwork.



This week we explored the Trinity and the idea that God is three persons in one. We also learnt the Glory Be and put actions to the prayer to help us remember it. Afterwards, we reflected on how the Holy Spirit is present in our lives and how it helps us. 



Today we planned our own class worship sessions. We spoke about the word, response, how we would gather and what our mission would be. We will start leading our own sessions very soon-how exciting!



Today we further explored the Trinity and where it was present in our lives. We also made our Trinity pieces of Art for our display! 



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