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Being Sacramental People

Today we spoke about how Catholics believe that even though Jesus is no longer on Earth, the Holy Spirit is with us and that is how God remains in our world. We see God all around us through actions and words. Here is my partner and I showing you how we see God in the world.

Advent to Christmas 


This week in RE we have been busy learning all about Jesus’s birth. We learnt the story of the annunciation, where God sent the angel Gabriel to tell Mary a very special message about baby Jesus. To help us remember the story we created stick puppets of Mary and the Angel Gabriel to help us act out the story.



We were very lucky to have a workshop based around the Jewish home. We learnt about the special signs and symbols, the language and the alphabet used when writing in Hebrew, as well as looking at artefacts and designing our own. It was very exciting and informative and we had lots of fun!

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