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Spring 2-Lent to Easter 


Today, we recapped the events from Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. The children acted them out in groups and filmed videos for each stage on Seesaw. 






T    J        H B, ‘T T’. W     ,    ,         . W           S    J     .

Spring 1

This term our topic is 'A people of prayer'. We will be looking at Matthew's Gospel and the events of the Epiphany and how that was recorded as well as what an Epiphany is and how we feel God's presence. 


First, we looked at what Epiphany is and why we celebrate it. We learnt about what an Epiphany is and how the Wise Men experienced theirs when finding Jesus. We added these to our working wall. 


In our lesson this week, we looked at prayers of Intercession. We wrote one as a class before creating our own in our books. 


Today, we worked in groups to discuss the prayers for the Feast of Epiphany Mass and what Catholics do/say during this celebration to feel closer to God.



Today, we did a double page spread all about the Lord's Prayer and how Jesus taught this to his disciples during his Sermon on the Mount. 


Autumn-Beginning with God

This term we will be looking at how God is revealed to us through sources of revelation, what we know about monotheism, recalling stories from the Old Testament and revisiting the Trinity. 


This week, we have been exploring sources of revelation and how we get to know God. Today, we looked at 'Tradition' and the rituals that we participate in to feel closer to God and get to know him better. We added our thoughts to our RE working wall and reflected on this in our books. 


In our class worship session today, we looked at how trusting in God is the key to success and then created our own 'keys' of the people we trust. 



We have also explored what God is and who God is to us. We looked at different scenes in nature and explored what we thought they told us about God.




Today, we explored 'revelation' and how God can be revealed to us in many different ways.


We also explored how God is revealed to us through scripture and commented on how our favorite Bible stories show us what God is like.



Today, we looked at the story of Moses and the Burning Bush and how God was revealed to him. We made a story map to help us recall each part. 


Today, we explored the Nicene Crede to determine two sides of an argument about whether Jesus was a superhuman made by God or God in human form. We annotated the crede and then decided who won based on what we know. 

Today, we explored the Trinity and where it was present in the Creed. We then made our own visual representation of the Trinity and answered some questions. 


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