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Religious Education

We have started to explore the Stations of the Cross. It has been really interesting to find out how this Tradition has developed over time.

Daniel led our Class Worship. He asked all of the children to reflect on God’s creation.

The children analysed sin by looking at actions and words which can represent sin and goodness.

During our Class Worship we focused on, 'Forgiveness'. We reflected on what it means to forgive and what it means to be forgiven.

Maybe God is Like That Too

This is a book we are reading in class. It really helped with our conversations about the world being a Sacramental Place.

Please read along with us.

A reading of the book Maybe God is Like That Too by Jennifer Grant, read by Ali Miner.

Maggie and Sage planned and delivered a very thoughtful Class Worship all about Forgiveness. They encouraged everyone to reflect upon a time where they might need to ask another person for forgiveness.

Yesterday, we had a Judaism workshop with Ruth. She was fantastic! We learnt lots about Jewish Traditions and were able to complete lots of different activities. Ruth brought lots of items with her which we were allowed to investigate.

The children went on a Trinity hunt around the school. They were asked to find examples of the Trinity in the form of art, statues, images etc.

The children prepared their arguments to participate in a debate about the Holy Trinity.

The children created artwork to represent Monotheism found in Scripture. Can you recognise the story?

The children explored The Four Sources of Revelation: Tradition, Scripture, Creation and Experience. They created informative posters and then explored where they could find 'Monotheism' in Scripture.

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