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'Electricity' and 'Animals including Humans'

This half term, in Science, we have finished off our 'Electricity' topic and have moved onto our new topic 'Animals including Humans'.

During our 'Electricity' topic, we learnt about the different symbols used for each electrical component and used our learning to create our own circuits. We also took part in a range of investigative work including, answering questions like 'How can you create the brightest light bulb?' and 'What happens to the sound of a motor when adding more voltage?'

So far in our 'Animals including Humans' topic we have addressed some misconceptions for example: the heart is on the left of our chest (it's in the middle!) and our heart makes blood (bone marrow makes blood!) As well as this, we have researched the function of the heart and how blood is pumped around the body.


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