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Forces and Magnets 

In the Spring term, the children will be looking at forces and magnets. This will involve looking at pushes, pulls and friction and how different surfaces impact this, as well as how magnets can attract and repel different objects and why this is. Keep a look out for the exciting experiments we get up to after Christmas! 


This week we are investigating how water is transported in plants. Here is the plan of our investigation and our flowers at the beginning of our experiment! 



A week later and here are the results!

We can not believe how quickly they have grown! It will soon be time to see if we have an answer to our question-Does the number of seeds affect the height of the cress? Today we will be measuring to see what our conclusions will be! 


Today, we used last weeks knowledge to create our own fair test. We considered lots of different factors and decided upon which variables we would change. We agreed to keep the light, temperature, size of plant pot and the amount of water the same and only change the number of seeds. Our question was 'Does the number of seeds affect how tall the cress grows?' We are keeping a cress diary to observe changes over time. 



In our first lesson we looked at what plants need to grow. We identified features of plants and how they are suited to particular jobs, for example, the roots anchor deep into the ground and hold the plant in place, whilst also transporting nutrients and water. 


This terms topic is light! We have had a lot of fun practically investigating key questions, making predictions and coming to conclusions! So far we have...


Investigated what light is, where it comes from and the difference between light sources and reflectors.


Identified and described the differences between natural and artificial light and been able to give different examples.


Identified what shadows are, how they are made, and why they appear to move and change shape. 


We have discovered that...


Light travels in straight lines


Light sources are things that emit light, such as, the sun, while reflectors cause the light to bounce back, such as, mirrors or the moon


Shadows are formed when light is blocked 


The size of the shadow depends on how close it is to a light source


The darkness of a shadow depends on whether the object is opaque, transparent or translucent. 


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