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Spring 1- Forces & Magnets


In Spring 1, we are going to be learning about forces and magnets. We are going to explore that must forces need contact however magnets do not- a magnetic force can act at a distance! We are also going to investigate how friction can change depending on the material and we will be identifying what materials are magnetic.


Autumn 2- Plants


This half term, we have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about plants!

We identified and described the functions of different parts of flowering and conducted a fair text experiment to explore the requirements of plants for life and growth. We had 3 cress plants- one was watered with lemonade, one with orange juice and one with water. We observed the changes over 2 weeks and conducted that plants need water to live and grow.


As well as this investigation, we also did a fair test experiment to find out how water is transported within plants. We had two flowers and put them into water with blue food-dye. Our results showed that water is transported through the stem! We couldn't believe that our flowers had turned blue!



Autumn 1- Light!


This half term, we have been learning all about light! We have really enjoyed exploring with the torches and discovering that light travels in straight lines.  We have also discovered that the best reflectors of light are smooth and shiny like mirrors and glass. 


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