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At Sacred Heart, we deliver a curriculum designed to develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding.

Our curriculum promotes a thirst for enquiry, experimentation, exploration and curiosity.

Practical investigation and the development of key scientific skills from year to year are fundamental.


Staff and pupils worked together to create Sacred Heart's Principles for Science. These underpin all of our Science lessons.


One of our priorities at Sacred Heart is to develop the children’s Science capital. Children across the school participated in a range of events:

  • Little Angel Theatre Space performance (Y5/6)
  • Look Up! Performance (Y5) 
  • Science Week (Reception-6)
  • Chicks (Y1)
  • The Great Science Share (Y1)
  • Geology workshop (Y3)
  • Evolution workshop (Y6)
  • Nancy Rothwell Award (Y3)
  • IOP sustainable living week (Y6)

Science Overview 2022-23

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