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St Anthony of Padua (Nursery)

Autumn 1


Welcome to Nursery

At the start of the Autumn term we are very pleased to welcome the youngest of the children into our school.  The focus this term is very much on supporting them to settle in to their new learning environment, make friends and become familiar with the daily routines.

The children start and finish their day in their designated room – either St Nicholas class or St Anthony class – but for the rest of the time they have free-flow play throughout the Nursery and the outdoor area.  Your child will be allocated their own key person, but as all staff in Nursery have dealings with all the children, you are welcome to speak with any member of staff regarding any queries you may have.



The Nursery Team


Mrs O’Mahoney

  Class Teacher & Nursery Manager

Mrs Rodney

  Early Years Practitioner Higher Level

  Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs Higgins

  Early Years Practitioner Higher Level

  Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Miss Carmelina  Early Years Practitioner
Miss Rume  Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Lawson  Meal Supervisor


We will shortly be setting up a system for the children to start taking reading books home.  To do this they will need a school bag and there will be an opportunity for your child to choose a book with you on arrival in the morning.


Prayer is an important part of our school day and to help your child develop their approach to praying they will have the opportunity to bring home the class Prayer Bear once or twice a term, which they keep overnight and bring back to school the next day.  The children are always excited for their turn so it is important that it is returned promptly to ensure everybody gets their turn.  


This half term in RE we will cover the topic Beginnings, which will include the story of Noah and the Flood.  Other topics will include Harvest Festival, autumn art, some traditional tales  and child initiated topics based on their interests.


Please ensure that your child keeps a change of clothes in Nursery at all times and remember to replace them if your child is changed.  We have a limited supply of clothes that we can use when necessary and are always grateful for donations of underwear, tights, socks and trousers that your child has grown out of.  The children come together at 3pm to share an afternoon snack at story time and we are very grateful for donations of plain biscuits (digestives or rich tea) to have at this time.  If everybody brings in one packet, it should only be necessary to do this once per half term.


We will post photos of some of the activities your child takes part in at Nursery on the website or on the online learning platform Seesaw, for which the children's individual log in details will be allocated and forwarded to you shortly.   Please remember to check for updates so that your child can share these experiences with you.

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