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St Jude the Apostle (Reception)

Hello and welcome to Reception, St. Jude's class! The class teacher is Miss Barker and the Learning Support Assistants in our class are Miss Jeffrey and Mrs Walsh. Although there are two separate Reception classes, we work as a whole unit and share the indoor classrooms and Reception outdoor area during free flow learning time. Therefore children in St. Jude's class will also learn alongside Miss Palmer and Miss McLean from the other Reception class (St Peter).


We are very lucky to have wonderful classroom environments, full of areas to cover the entire EYFS curriculum during child-initiated learning. In our St.Jude classroom, we have a Playdough area, Story & Calm Corner, Maths Area, Loose Parts, Junk Modelling, and a large Creative Area with an easel. In St. Peter's classroom we can also use the Writing Area, a Story Corner, an RE Area, the Home Corner, Water Area, Block Area and Small World resources as well as a Calm Corner. At lunchtime, we get to play in the big front playground with the Year 1 and 2 children!


During the beginning of the Autumn term, we will be settling into Reception and getting to know our new friends and adults in our class. During Autumn 1 we will be heavily focusing on the children's personal, social and emotional skills and well being, including getting to know and care for our environments. We will be reading the 'Colour Monster' in order to help learn how to self-regulate and identify and cope with different emotions. Our planning will develop from following the children's interests through observation and we will base these on different stories, identified from both the children and our core book list. 


In RE, we start with ‘In the Beginning’ where we learn about the Creation story. After half term, we will learn about 'Our Mission Statement' before covering our 'Advent to Christmas' topic.


We will begin teaching Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Phonics Programme from Week 4 of Autumn 1 and daily reading homework will follow on from this before half term. The children will bring home a Sound Book to practice the sound taught that day and will have pages to read in their reading book every night. Monthly Maths activities will be given at the start of every month for you to engage with practical Maths at home with your child. Please look out for a parent information session on how you can help your child at home early on in the Autumn term.  


Keep an eye out for photos and examples of our work on this page!

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