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St Jude the Apostle (Reception)

Hello and welcome to St. Jude's class.  The class teacher is Miss Bailey and the Learning Support Assistant is  Miss Jeffrey. Although there are two separate Reception classes, we work as a whole team and share the indoor classrooms and Reception outdoor area during free flow learning time. Therefore,  children in Reception St. Jude will also learn alongside Miss Atherton Mrs. Higgins & Miss Walsh from Reception St. Peter's class. 


We are very lucky to have such wonderful learning environments. Within each classroom, and the outside area, there are carefully selected resources and activities available , which cover the  EYFS curriculum during child-initiated learning. There are writing and maths resources freely available, as well as  Book areas, a Puppet Theatre, a Home Corner,  Block Areas, a Role Play area, a Tinkering Table, a Creative area and Small World resources. These are adapted and enhanced continuously to reflect the children's needs and interests.  At lunchtime, we get to play in the big front playground. 


During the beginning of the Autumn term, we will be settling into Reception and getting to know our new friends and adults in our class. In Autumn 1 we cover the ‘Ourselves’ topic where we learn about each other and our families. After half term, we cover a topic chosen by the children before our Noel topic to prepare for Christmas. 

In RE, we start with ‘In the Beginning’ where we learn about the Creation story. After half term, we will learn about Our Mission Statement before covering our Advent to Christmas topic.

During Phonics sessions,  we will recap vital skills that the children learn through Phase 1 activities of  Letters and Sounds. We will then begin teaching Phase 2 sounds  at the end of September when the children are fully settled. Reading homework will begin at the beginning of October: the children will bring home a Sound Book to practice the sound taught that day and will have pages to read in their reading book every night. Monthly Maths activities will be given at the start of every month for you to engage with practical Maths at home with your child. Please look out for a parent information session on how you can help your child at home early on in the Autumn term.   


Please keep checking this page for photos and information on what we have been getting up to in class this term. 

Our RE topic this half term has been 'In The Beginning'. We learned the Second Creation story: Genesis 2. We retold the story using props. We learned that Yahweh breathed life into the earth creature which we recreated using playdough models. We also learned that God's breath is in all of us. We learned about stewards and how we have to help look after God's world. We picked up the litter in the playground and discussed how we could care for the environment. We spoke about how we can be 'good stewards' and look after God's creation. To thank all the good stewards we made pictures using natural resources.

RE: 'In The Beginning'

At the end of Autumn 1 term, we started Class Worship which is a time when the children come together. We start with 'Gather' where we come together as part of God's family and make everyone feel welcome! Next 'Word' is where God speaks to us and we listen. During our first Class Worship lesson we re-told Genesis 2 Creation Story using props. Then there is the 'Response' where we respond to the Word of God. For our 'Response' during our first session we learned that the Israelites used to write songs about creation to thank God for it so we made joyful noises to thank God. Finally we end with 'Mission' which is what we do to share the Good News! Our 'Mission' during our first session was to make a 'good steward' promise. We close our eyes to help us to focus on our promise. We have weekly Class Worship lessons, which the children really enjoy. 

Class Worship

Our topic for Autumn 2 is 'Spies and Detectives'! We will be reading a range of texts to support our learning including 'Burglar Bill', 'Cats and Robbers' and 'The Detective Dog'. Children have already really enjoyed reading 'Burglar Bill'. They couldn't believe it when he came into class and stole all our books and puppets!!! 

We created cunning disguises using a range of mixed media. The children were also detectives and took fingerprints from suspects.

Christmas Nativity 

The children worked incredibly hard in order to perform in their spectacular Nativity production. They learnt a number of different songs and used actions with great enthusiasm. Some children linked different parts of our performance by speaking clearly and confidently. They were very excited to wear their costumes and looked amazing!

We took part in a Judaism workshop. We learned that Jewish people come together and give thanks during a Friday Night Dinner known as Shabbat. We learned about what goes on to the table and we even tried challah (braided bread) and grape juice! They were delicious. We also got to try on a Jewish shawl called a Tallit and a skull cap which is called a Kippah. We listened to readings from the Jewish book called the Torah.

Judaism Workshop

Busy Builders


The children have been creating some spectacular structures using wooden blocks. They have worked in collaboration, sharing their ideas and modifying their plans to achieve their desired outcome. They have used a range of resources available in the classroom to further enhance their play. 

Chinese New Year Workshop 

Authors and Illustrators


Lots of the children have been engaging in making their own books, recounting events from known stories and creating illustrations using a range of mixed media. 

Loose Parts Play


This is always a very busy  part of our learning environment. The children use the resources in a range of  highly creative and imaginative ways. Some of their projects have been designing and constructing a fair ground, a campsite and obstacle courses. 

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