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RE Topic: Being A Sacramental People - Looking for Signs of God in our World Today.

There Were Ten in the Bed .....

Write Dance - Movement

Write Dance - Scrimbling

Write Dance - Sensory Play

Class Worship


Spring Term 2022

It was lovely to welcome the children back after the Christmas holidays and hear all their wonderful Christmas News.   We have also welcomed some new children to St Nicholas class this term -  Astra, Myles, Teddy and Térani.  Miss Troy is now on maternity leave and so we welcome Miss Lembe who will be covering for her.  We will let you when we hear the news of the birth of Miss Troy's baby.


The children will be as busy as ever this term and will be starting some new activities:


They will take part in a weekly Write Dance in the Early Years session.  This is a movement-based programme designed to develop children's gross and fine motor co-ordination.  It uses music, rhythm, story, song, rhyme, sensory play and dance to teach the essential skills necessary for handwriting.  These skills include: co-ordination, rhythm, wrist strength and flexibility, balance between tension and relaxation; flowing, angular, circular movements; control of speed and direction of movements; control of pressure; concentration.  If your child talks about "scrimbling", this is a word coined for Write Dance and means working on a writing surface using a range of marks and movements.


The children will take part in Class Worship Sessions.  This involves them gathering in a circle to music and taking responsibility for setting out and clearing away resources used to make a prayer focus in the centre of the circle.  The children listen to the Word of God and then have an opportunity to reflect on the Word and take away a Mission - something for them to carry out after the session.  Often the Mission involves sharing the story they heard that day with their family so please do ask your child about Class Worship.


Some reminders: 

  • When you arrive in the morning with your child, this is the best time to change their reading book.
  • Please make sure you replace your child's change of clothes if they have been used.
  • Recyclable materials to use for junk modelling can be dropped off in the Nursery garden (Please avoid any  items that have been used to package foods containing nuts).
  • We are grateful for your donations of plain biscuits (digestives/rich tea) for the children's storytime snack at the end of the day.  If everybody brings in one packet, it should only be necessary to do this once per half term.
  • The children access the outside learning environment every day so please ensure they always have a warm (preferably waterproof) coat in shool daily.


Welcome to Autumn 2 in St Nicholas class.

We had a busy Autumn 1 half term getting to know our new children and their families, helping the children to settle in at Nursery, make friends and start to become familiar with and understand the daily routines.

Some of the children’s learning experiences this half term will include exploring The Gunpowder Plot and creating art based on fireworks, celebrating Remembrance Day in November and celebrating the Feast of St Nicholas in December.  Our RE topics will be The Mission Statement and Advent to Christmas.  Other learning experiences will be based around the children’s interests and needs.   Once a term we will invite parents to provide information on their child’s interests which will contribute to the observation and planning process for each of the children.  When it is your child’s turn in this cycle, a form will be posted on Seesaw for you to complete.   We will continue to celebrate the children’s WOW moments from home each Wednesday.  These can also be submitted on Seesaw.  Each child has their own log in and if you are having any difficulty logging in, or have misplaced the log in details, please speak to a member of the Nursery team. 


Some reminders:

  • Now the weather has started to turn colder please ensure your child has a warm coat, preferably waterproof, in school each day, as the children have access to the outside learning environment for the majority of the day.
  • The best time for your child to change their reading book is on arrival in the morning.  The books are on the table outside the classroom.  The children will need a school bag to take the reading book home in.
  • Please remember to top up your child’s spare clothes if they are changed during the day.

Autumn 1


Welcome to Nursery

At the start of the Autumn term we are very pleased to welcome the youngest of the children into our school.  The focus this term is very much on supporting them to settle in to their new learning environment, make friends and become familiar with the daily routines.

The children start and finish their day in their designated room – either St Nicholas class or St Anthony class – but for the rest of the time they have free-flow play throughout the Nursery and the outdoor area.  Your child does have their own key person, but as all staff in Nursery have dealings with all the children, you are welcome to speak with any member of staff regarding any queries you may have.

St Nicholas

Mrs O’Mahoney

Class Teacher & Nursery Manager

Miss Troy

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Walsh

Early Years Practitioner

St Anthony

Miss Palmer

Class Teacher & Interim Early Years Leader

Mrs Rodney

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Carmelina

Early Years Practitioner


We will shortly be setting up a system for the children to start taking reading books home.  To do this they will need a school bag and there will be an opportunity for your child to choose a book with you on arrival in the morning.


Prayer is an important part of our school day and to help your child develop their approach to praying they will have the opportunity to bring home the class Prayer Bear once or twice a term, which they keep overnight and bring back to school the next day.  The children are always excited for their turn so it is important that it is returned promptly to ensure everybody gets their turn.  They will also have the opportunity to bring the class mascot, Patrick the Bear, home for a weekend.  Further information will be sent home when it is your child’s turn.


This term in RE we will cover the topics Beginnings, The Mission Statement and Advent to Christmas.  Other topics will include Harvest Festival, autumn art, some traditional tales, firework art, Remembrance Day and child initiated topics based on their interests.


Please ensure that your child keeps a change of clothes in Nursery at all times and remember to replace them if your child is changed.  We have a limited supply of clothes that we can use when necessary and are always grateful for donations of underwear, tights, socks and trousers that your child has grown out of.  The children come together at 3pm to share an afternoon snack at story time and we are very grateful for donations of plain biscuits (digestives or rich tea) to have at this time.  If everybody brings in one packet, it should only be necessary to do this once per half term.


We will post photos of some of the activities your child takes part in at Nursery on the website or on the online learning platform Seesaw, for which the children have been allocated their own log in details.  Please remember to check for updates so that your child can share these experiences with you.

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