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The first flight

Let's learn all about the first flight! The plane did not look like the one below- let's journey back in time and find out more...

You need to know:
1) When the first flight happened               

2)  Where it happened

3) Key people involved 


When was the first flight? 
17th December, 1903


Where was it? 

Kitty Hawk, a place in North Carolina in the United States of America


Key people involved:

The Wright brothers- Orville and Wilbur.


Fun facts:

The first flight was 12 seconds long.

Orville flew the first successful flight.

The link below will take you to a BBC clip where you'll meet a pilot today and then learn about the History of flight- I hope you enjoy finding out all about it!

Meet the Wright brothers who made the first flight happen- wow!

Absolute Genius | S2E1 | Wright Brothers

Enjoy this song showing how because of the Wright brothers, we can fly!

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