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Walk to School Week

Walk to School Week!

5th-9th October



At Sacred Heart, we are staying healthy and active by celebrating 'Walk to School Week'!

We are excited to walk, cycle, scoot or park and stride into school for a whole week!


Walk to School Week encourages parents and children to leave the car at home and take the chance to get outside and get fit by walking to and from school. Every year, the Walk to School campaign brings

together nearly one million school children, teachers and parents. Walking to school offers many different health benefits!


Daily exercise keeps us fit and healthy. Walking is good for our hearts, lungs, muscles and bones. Walking is excellent exercise; as we walk our hearts beat faster, our breathing gets quicker, we warm up and we feel energised. Exercise is important because it helps to keep our body healthy and is good for our hearts, lungs, muscles and bones. 


Children that walk to school arrive more alert and ready to start the day. Walking and other exercise can have a positive effect on your mood.


Gas from cars pollutes the air. If more people walked, there would be fewer people in their cars and less pollution would be pumped into the air. Walking is the greenest form of transport so you can actually help the planet too by walking; cleaner air is better for us and our planet.


The whole family can get fit by walking to school. It’s also a great way to spend quality time together with family and friends and chat about your day! 


If you live near to the school, you can be ready a little bit earlier so that you have time to walk. If you have friends nearby, you could perhaps walk to school with them with your parent’s permission. The whole family can get fit by walking to school. If you live further away, you could Park and Stride. This is where your parent/carer parks the car further away from school and you walk the last 5-10 minutes of your journey.


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