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Y1 St Brigid of Ireland

Morris Dancing!

For St George’s Day we got to take part in a Morris dancing workshop!

Easter hats! 

DT: Making teddy bears

First, we had to draw a picture for a design. Then we drew round a template and cut the felt ourselves which was quite tricky! After that, we used fabric glue to join the teddy bear together and decorated them!

RE: Jesus' Entry to Jerusalem

We acted out the story of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem! We dressed up as people from Jerusalem and used our own palm leaves that we made last lesson to lay on the ground, just like they did in the story.

Workshop: Junk percussion

Today Martin from Ghana came back to do some drumming with us! He showed us how some of his drums and instruments are made from junk and scrap materials, which is a great way to recycle! We used the shakers, the drums and the cow bells.

Maths: Capacity and Volume

Today we explored capacity and volume in our water tray. We used a variety of containers and then described them using full, half full and empty.

RE: Stations of the Cross

Today we went to the Church of the Sacred Heart to visit and experience the

Stations of the Cross. We reflected on the purpose and prayers of each station.

Take a look:

Science: Gillespie Park trip

Today, we took a trip to Gillespie park in order to classify different plants. We divided plants up into different groups, identified and labelled parts of plants in the park and explored the grassland and woodland areas of the nature reserve as well as collecting information from three different types of plants around the park.

RE: Making pancakes!

Making samosas

Trip: Gillespie Park (Orienteering)

PE with the tennis coaches

Meerkat Mail: painting the Kalahari Desert

Maths: investigating 3D shapes

Science: sorting materials

Place Value: representing numbers using Dienes

Our new topic: Poles Apart

Christmas card making!

Our Nativity display!

Remembrance Day

Balancing in gymnastics

Judaism workshop

Ghanaian drumming workshop!

Moses and the Burning Bush class artwork

Our new topic: Flight!

Welcome to year 1!

Watch this video from your teachers saying hello and welcome to year 1!

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