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Y3 Miss Fulton

Welcome to 3F!


Our class teacher is called Miss Fulton and we also have two Learning Support Assistant’s in our classroom that are there to help us - they are Miss Henao and Mrs Smith. In 3F we love learning new things which is why you can find all of our work on our display boards in the classroom. We all love to read and we do this in our rainforest reading corner which is full of interesting books that help us to learn. Sometimes we use iPads so that we can find the information we need during our lessons but we have to remember to be safety smart when we are online. We have lots of different subjects in Year 3 such as Maths, English, R.E., Handwriting, Topic, Computing (taught by Mr Kearney), Spanish (taught by Señorita Hernandez) and P.E twice a week (one lesson taught by Mr Longstaff).

Our topic this term is ‘Visit UK’ where we will learn about different cities and countries in the UK.


As we have P.E twice a week we need to make sure that we have our P.E kit so that we don’t miss out on our fun and energetic lessons. We do P.E outside and inside so we need to make sure we have the right kit. We can bring our P.E kits in and leave them in school on our peg until half-term. Then we can take them home to be washed but we need to remember to bring them back into school again! We have P.E on a Wednesday and Thursday.


In Year 3 we have daily reading sessions, where we will read in guided reading groups. It is very important that we bring in our reading book every day. It is also important that we read at home, whether this is with an adult or independently. It is expected that we read for a minimum of 10-15 minutes a night and for an adult to sign our reading record.


Our learning doesn’t stop there! We also get assigned homework each week which relates to what we are doing in class, so it helps us a lot. We get spellings on Monday which we have to complete every evening ready for a Friday spelling test. On a Monday we will also be given a Reading Eggs activity which needs to be completed by Friday. Our Maths homework (Mathletics) is given on a Wednesday which also needs to be completed by Friday. We know our homework is important and we want to make sure it is completed on time and to the best of our ability.


Every day we remind ourselves that we have to go forward together in Christ, are all here to learn and show respect towards each other. We understand that everyone is unique but we have similarities and we celebrate this in our classroom.


In 3F we are always reminded to show that we are ready, respectful and safe so that we can grow together every day. We are looking forward to a very exciting year in 3F.

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