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Art and DT

Autumn 1 - Art - Colour Theory and Collage 


In Autumn 1, every year group will be focussing on colour theory and collage in our art lessons. We will be focussing on these skills and learning how to mix colours, which colours compliment each other and why. Classes will learn different techniques to create collages and throughout we will be drawing inspiration from a range of artists. As well as practising these key skills, each year group will also be linking their art pieces to their topic:

Year 1: Up, Up and Away 

Year 2: The Crown

Year 3: Tomb Raiders

Year 4: Roman Rule

Year 5: The Battle of Britain and Beyond...

Year 6: The Great War's Great Hero

Autumn Term 2 - Design Technology


This term, each year group will be focussing on their DT skills and linking them to our current topic - Wonders of the World Cup. During DT, each class will also be covering cooking and considering how to cook safely and hygienically before making their own delicious product. 


Year 1 & 2 are designing flags for teams of the World Cup. 

Year 3 & 4 are designing instruments for the supporters to use. 

Year 5 are creating a model stadium and Year 6 a working table football game. 


Each year group is cooking up a tasty treat from one of the countries that they are studying in their geography lessons! 

Year 1 - Fruit salad for the players at half time. 

Year 2  - Welsh Cakes.

Year 3 -  Flamiche, a French leek tart. 

Year 4 - German Gingerbreads. 

Year 5 - Guacamole and tortillas from Mexico. 

Year 6 - Iranian Rice Cookies.

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