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Spring 1- Gymnastics and Tennis




In Spring 1, we are going to be doing gymnastics and tennis!

In gymnastics, we're going to modify actions independently using different pathways, directions and shares. We are also going to consolidate and improve movements and gymnastics actions and relate strength and flexibility to actions.

In tennis, we're going to have our very own tennis coaches! They are going to help us learn how to send and receive a ball and play competitively. 


Autumn 2- Rounders and Arsenal coaches


This half term, Year 3 have been doing Rounders and Football!


On Monday afternoons, Saint Bernadette have been learning Rounders. We learnt lots of different techniques that are useful when playing Rounders- Long Barrier, Underarm throw and Overarm throw. We learnt that when doing Long Barrier, it's important for the heel of your foot and your knee to be touching so the ball doesn't roll between your legs. We also learnt that when doing Underarm throw, it's important to step forwards and to point with your non-throwing hand at the target.



On Tuesday afternoons, Saint Bernadette have been doing Football with Arsenal! We really enjoyed learning about working collaboratively and using communication to improve our football skills. We particularly enjoyed playing mini games at the end and improving our sportsmanship.




Autumn 1- Fitness


In P.E. we have really enjoyed focussing on our fitness- especially after lockdown! We have been taking part in a variety of fitness lessons that have really got our heart beats racing! We have been challenging ourselves to stay active for 15 minutes at a time and have been demonstrating fantastic sportsmanship!

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