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Friday 3rd April

You've completed your learning packs! Well done, I can't wait to have a look at all your hard work. 

Time for a break now, enjoy your 2 weeks off and relax!! 

Please do send in any pictures of the things you've been getting up to during these last few weeks, i'd love to see and i'm sure the rest of 3F would too! Ask an adult to help you send your pictures to

I have almost finished my painting! I will put it up here once it is completed for you to have a look. 


Have a healthy, restful and happy Easter year 3! smiley



Miss Fulton




Monday 30th March


Hello 3F! I hope you and your families are safe and well and you are keeping busy! You will have completed your first week of your home learning pack - well done for working so hard on them! Today, you will be starting week two and I know you will all try your very best with your activities because you are AMAZING. 


Remember to complete Reading Eggs and Mathletics tasks this week and keep practicing your times tables. Can you teach your parents or siblings the songs we sing in class?

Click on the following links to sing along! - x 3 - x 4 - x 8


I hope you have all been spending your spare time doing something nice. I've been doing some painting which has been very relaxing. I can't wait to see and hear all the things you've got up to! It might take a WHOLE DAY of show and tell! laugh If you have any pictures of what you’ve been up to, send them to the school admin email and I will add them our class page.


Keep checking our class page as I will post another update later in the week.


Stay safe, be R.R.S superstars and

keep washing your hands!



Miss Fulton







Monday 23rd March


I miss you already! heart

I am so proud of the attitudes you have shown towards what has been happening worldwide over the last few weeks. You were all ready, respectful and safe, showing me that you have already become excellent role models in Year 3.  

Your parents will be trying their very best to ensure you are safe, happy and continuing to learn at home, keep doing what you do best, and be the SUPER STARS you are for them! Today (23.03.20) is the first day of your learning packs, work hard on them over the next two weeks and I look forward to seeing your effort when we return to school. Keep reading, practicing your handwriting and spend some time working on your times tables as well.


Times table websites:




As you are all very keen to get your pen licence certificates this year, try and take this time to practise your handwriting ready for when we return to school. Write out the (SPLAT) words below- remember to spell them correctly too!



Need to burn off some energy?

Joe Wicks is doing daily workouts for children at 9am Monday-Friday. Below is a link to his YouTube channel if you want to take part. 


As well as working hard, enjoy this time with your families, take up a new hobby, read an interesting book or maybe do some cooking or baking! Do the things you LOVE to do. 


Most importantly, stay HAPPY and stay SAFE


I can't wait to see you all again soon!


From Miss Fulton smiley





Hello and welcome to 3F’s class page!


Our class teacher is Miss Fulton and we are very lucky to have two LSA’s in our classroom who are there to help us. They are Mrs Holloway and Mrs Smith.  In 3F we love learning new things which is why you can find lots of our work on our display boards in the classroom and around our school. We all love to read and we do this in our Minion reading corner which is full of interesting books that help us to learn. Sometimes we use iPads so that we can find the information we need during our lessons but we have to remember to be safety smart when we are online. We have lots of different subjects in year 3 such as R.E, Maths, English, Science, Handwriting, Topic, Computing (taught by Mr Kearney), Music and PE. We are also working hard practising our times tables in year 3 because we have a statutory test which takes place at the end of Year 4.

Our topic this term is ‘The World Through Different Eyes’ where we will find out about different artists and their artwork. We are starting our R.E learning this term with ‘In the Beginning’ where we will learn from the book of Genesis. We have a class Mass this term on the 16th of October and we would love all parents to join us if they can.


As we have P.E twice a week we need to make sure that we have our P.E kit so that we don’t miss out on our fun and energetic lessons. We do P.E outside and inside so we need to have the right kit at all times. We can bring our P.E kits in and leave them in school on our peg until half term. Then we can take them home to be washed but we need to remember to bring them back into school again! We have P.E on a Monday and Wednesday.


In Year 3 we have daily reading sessions, where we will study a book and answer questions about it. It is very important that we bring in our reading book and reading record every day. It is also important that we read at home, whether this is with an adult or independently. It is expected that we read for a minimum of 15-20 minutes a night and for an adult to sign our reading record.


Our learning doesn’t stop there! We also get assigned homework each week which relates to what we are doing in class, so it helps us a lot. We get spellings on Friday which we have complete every evening ready for the next Friday when we have a spelling test. On a Friday we will also be given a Reading Eggs and Mathletics activity which needs to be completed by the following Friday. We know our homework is important and we want to make sure it is completed on time and to the best of our ability. Each term we will have an RE homework to complete.


Every day we remind ourselves that we have to go forward together in Christ, are all here to learn and show respect towards each other. We understand that everyone is unique but we have similarities and we celebrate this in our classroom.


In 3F we are always reminded to show that we are ready, respectful and safe so that we can grow together every day. We are looking forward to a very exciting year in 3F.


Topic  1 Finding countries in South America
Topic  2 Working as a team using atlases
Topic  3 Learning about the rainforest layers
Topic  4 3F are Tomb Raiders!
Topic  5 Our completed Canopic Jars
Topic  6 A heated debate about which Pharaoh was best!

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