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End of term

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Multiplying 2-digit by 3-digit numbers

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Week 5 Reading and Writing

Week 4 Writing

Thank you to everyone who has sent work in to me. I am extremely impressed by the quality. It is also really nice to see some of the things you have been doing with your families.


Ela has written a fantastic book report about a book she has been reading. Me and Ela agreed I would also read this book and we will decide if it is a good recommendation for the class. So far it sounds brilliant. Ela has also written a brilliant account of a day on the ISS. Well done Ela!


Ekin has used descriptive language to produce a beautiful poster about nature. He has also been playing Articulate with his family. This is a fantastic game to help develop language skills. It's lovely to see the activities you have been doing Ekin.


Maria has paid careful attention to the presentation of her work and has produced some fantastic Topic work. She has also carefully studied the life cycle of a ladybird and used her observation skills to find them in their natural habitat. This is a fantastic example of real life Science Maria!


Mariamawit made a fantastic model of a Viking longboat. She has also written clear instructions on how to build a longboat using neat and joined handwriting. Well done Mariamawit!


Megan's handwriting is fantastic- it is neatly joined and correctly sized. She has also applied this to her Topic work, creating a brilliant post about South America. Keep up the fantastic work Megan!


Carmel has also produced a brilliant model of a longboat. She has also had a go at origami, making a beautiful bird. This is much better than my attempt Carmel. Well done!


5H Home Learning


Wow! Erin, your banana bread looks amazing- much better than my baking attempt.

Abbie, your cake looks delicious. What a lovely tribute to the NHS.

Well done for entering our class bake off. It's lovely to see what you've been doing at home.


Ayana, your handwriting is spectacular! You have included many fascinating facts about Pandora. Well done!

Ekin, what a tremendous effort you have put into your work. I can't wait to display your solar system model in class! It is lovely to see the amount of detail you have included in your writing and that you have clearly formed all your letters.

George, I am very impressed by all this work you have done! You have written an amazing letter in role as an astronaut and used paragraphs correctly. Your map of the Solar System is fantastic! I like how you've accurately depicted the colours of the different planets and you have put them in the correct order.

Niyat, it's lovely to see the paintings you have been doing with your mum. They are beautiful! It's great to see you are using this time to do the things you enjoy.

Mariamawit, it's lovely to see the quality of work you have been doing. Your presentation is outstanding! Your handwriting is of the highest standard and I love how you've used the Liturgical colours associated with Pentecost.

Maria, it's lovely to see what you have been doing at home. Your bakes look amazing! It's great to see you're practising important life skills with your family. The quality of your work is outstanding! Your have taken great care with the quality and quantity.

Y5 Prayer Book

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