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Y3S Miss Spurgeon

Welcome to Year 3S.


Thank you for visiting our class page! Our class teacher is Miss Spurgeon and we also have two LSA’s in our classroom who are there to help us- they are Mr Deller and Mrs Smith. In 3S, we love to learn and we’re always trying to make learning as fun as possible.


This year, we are learning lots of new, exciting things so make sure you keep updated with Sacred Heart’s school websites and displays around the school. We have lots of exciting school trips coming up and we would love if you volunteered as a helper!


We all enjoy reading and love to pick up a new book every Monday from the school’s library and from our ‘Reading Garden’ book corner. Sometimes, we use iPads to retrieve lots of interesting information but we have to remember to be safety smart!


In Year 3, we are studying lots of new fabulous topics through a variety of subjects for example, ‘Light’, ‘The World Through Different Eyes’ and even ‘The Iron Man’! This term in R.E., we have been learning all about ‘In the Beginning’ where we will be reading and learning from the book of Genesis. In fact, we have a Class Mass this term on the 16th of October to celebrate our new beginning in Year 3! We would love all parents to join us if they can! We are also working hard on times tables particularly our 3x, 4x and 8x because we have a statutory test which takes place at the end of Year 4.


As we have P.E on Mondays and Wednesdays, we need to make sure that we have our P.E. kit ready so we don’t miss out on all fun! We can bring our P.E kits in and leave them in school on our peg until half term. Then, we can take them home to be washed but we need to remember to bring them back into school again!


As well as remembering our P.E. kits it is very important that we bring in our reading book and reading record every day to be signed. A signature and a small comment is needed each day after we have read for a minimum of 15-20 minutes- our big brothers or sisters can do this too! Our learning doesn’t stop there! We also get assigned homework each Friday which links to our learning from that week. We are assigned homework each week electronically on Reading Eggs and Mathletics which relates to what we are doing in class, so it helps us a lot. We also get spellings on Friday which we have to complete every day ready for the following Friday when we have a spelling test. Every half term we also have R.E. homework on different topics to complete. This must be given in two weeks later.


Every day, we pray and often we say our class’s prayer so we can remind ourselves that we have to go forward together in Christ, are all here to learn and show respect towards each other. We understand that God made us all unique and we must celebrate this in our classroom.


In 3S, we are always reminded to show that we are ready, respectful and safe so that we can grow together every day. We are looking forward to a very exciting year in Year 3.

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