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Black History Month Topic 

The World Through Different Eyes: Artist Topic

We have also been comparing the work of Frank Bowling and Hurvin Anderson, another black artist, who also did abstract paintings. We looked at several different images and then did the following work in our topic books. This sadly concludes our Artists topic and the children have thoroughly enjoyed it! They've learnt some new skills and found out about some wonderful Artists. I wonder what our next topic will bring!? 



Today we created our final pieces inspired by Frank's work! Here they are in action being created so take a look...





This week we are seeing the world in technicolour! We studied some paintings by Frank Bowling and then experimented with paints to create patterns, colours and textures that we liked. We are going to use these ideas to create a final piece next week, inspired by Frank's work! Here's Frank and some of our planning ideas...





Next week we will be creating work based on an artist names Frank Bowling and looking at how the different painting techniques he uses to create such beautiful abstract art. 


Based on last lesson, as a class we made large scale silhouettes to hang around our classroom. We chose to do silhouettes of girls and boys, hearts and butterflies to let the art represent our class! 



We explored the artist Kara Walker, who creates silhouettes of people all of different ages, background and ethnicities. The children loved her work and set abut making and drawing their own silhouettes.  


Firstly, we explored shadow puppets and how they can be created. We love reading and traditional tales are very entertaining to retell so we chose the 'Three Little Pigs' as our inspiration and made wolf, house and piggy puppets. They looked great! 

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