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Y6S Miss Stratton

Welcome to Week 2! 


Hello everyone and welcome to week 2 of home learning! I hope you're all feeling well and rested. How are your learning packs coming along? In the event that some of you complete your packs before Friday (I know some of you will!) here are some tasks I'm challenging you to try- I'll be attempting them also!


1. Frugal Food Challenge:


With permission from parents, see what recipes and meals you can create using ONLY your cupboard and fridge stock. Five items maximum. Get creative! 


2. Are these statements always true, sometimes true or never true?

Can you find examples or counter - examples for each one? For the sometimes cards, can you explain when they are true? Re-write them so that they are always true or never true. 



3. Solve my riddle: Answers will be revealed Friday lunchtime. 


a) What can you hold in your left hand but not in your right? 

b) What question can you never answer yes to?

c) I have branches, but no fruit, trees or leaves. What am I? 


4.  Solve the anagram: Answer will be revealed Friday lunchtime. 


Have a great week everyone! 


Miss Stratton

Hello 6S, 


I hope you and your families are all safe and well! Enjoy some time at home, and use it to do the things you enjoy with your family. I can't wait to hear all about what you have been up to when you are back.


Remember to keep up with the packs you took home last week- I look forward to seeing the work you produce when you return to school.


Below are some websites that will help you with your learning from home:


See you all very soon


Miss Stratton

Welcome to Year 6S!


We are very much looking forward to a busy and exciting year in our classroom. This year, our Year 6 class teachers are Miss Stratton and Miss Patterson. We are fortunate to also have our support staff, Miss James, and Mr. Fletcher. Our additional Y6 teachers are Mr. Rodrigo and Miss Pipkin.


This term, we have begun our religious learning by exploring our school Mission Statement, and 3-5-7. We have created our own class prayer and discussed how, as Christians, we can best practice the Mission statement in our everyday lives. We have begun our topic unit by first visiting the Ben Kinsella Exhibition at the Finsbury Library. During the trip, we learned about the importance of keeping safe as we get older and how to cope with difficult situations. We also explored how we can express our emotions through art. We looked at artwork which is intended to raise political awareness, such as Banksy, and are creating our own pieces of art surrounding a discussion we feel passionate about! We will also be linking this topic unit with our English work by writing a letter to PM Boris Johnson to raise awareness over a national issue, such as climate change!


In Year 6, we are passionate about making changes within our environment for the better, and we recommend each pupil to bring their own reusable water bottle into school. How we can each do our bit to save the planet is an invaluable lesson we all must learn.

In Maths this term, we will be focusing on number and place value, and multiplication and division. It is essential all pupils can recall their times tables (up to 12x12) with speed, and we recommend practicing them each night. This year we will be continuing our R.E. ‘take home homework’, which will be project based. Our first unit of work is due in on Thursday 26th September. We encourage pupils to be creative and imaginative, as work will be presented in and around the school. Homework will continue on Mathletics and reading eggs: both pieces of homework will be set each Friday to be completed by the following Friday.

P.E. this term will be held every Monday and Friday, and all pupils must wear their school P.E. kit. We are very fortunate to have Arsenal football coaches on a Monday afternoon. They will teach a range of invasion games and team building exercises. Mr. Kearney will also continue to teach computing on Friday afternoons.


Our class Mass will be on Wednesday 9th October, and you are welcome to come along.

In Year 6 we love seeing our work displayed in the classroom, to aid and stimulate our learning. We aim to make the most of our time, in and around the school, and hope to have an exciting and successful final year!

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