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The Last Sing of 2019-20!

Hi everyone! During this difficult time myself and Mrs Smith have really missed you all and singing with you in choir. 

Before we break up for the summer holidays and say farewell to our Year 6 members of the choir we wanted to try and do one last virtual sing! 

'You'll be in my heart' - a song we sung at 02 in February is very fitting as it is a positive song and is a message from all of us to our Year 6 children that you will always be in our heart - even after they have left to start their new chapters! 


Please practice this song - the lyrics are below, in the following way:


Verse 1 - YEAR 4/5 Children 

Verse 2 - YEAR 6 Children 

Verse 3 - EVERYONE 

Part 1 - Year 4/5

Part 2 - Year 6 


Please film yourself with the entire song - remembering to stay silent with a smile on your face for the parts that you are not singing! 


We will then collate all of the videos to make one big virtual sing song - the last of the year 2019-20 and the best way we can say goodbye to our Year 6 members of choir! 


Please email your videos to the admin email:


Please send in these videos by Monday 6th July


Sacred Heart Choir, 2019-20, The Last Sing!

Thanks so much to some of our choir who joined in with the Last Sing of 2019-20! We wish the best of luck to our Year 6 members of choir moving onto secondar...

You'll be in my heart/I'm on my way

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