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The Tin Forest


Our whole school text, the Tin Forest, is all about a man who lived alone in a derelict house near a junk yard. Every day, he cleared the junkyard. Then he realised that he could make this forest of junk into a beautiful forest full of colour and life. We used expanded noun phrases to add detail to the books descriptions. Then we wrote a letter to Sadiq Khan to explain how green spaces are important and we should stop filling them with houses and buildings - especially in London where we have so much pollution, we need trees for oxygen, and space to exercise. Have a look at our letters... would you be persuaded by us?



Weslandia is a civilization built entirely by a boy called Wesley. He made his own fruit, clothing, ink, instruments and even sports! Wesley inspired us to create our own civilizations too. We used the beginning of our names and put -landia at the end to name them, then we thought about the crops, games, clothing, shelter and language that it would have. We also created character descriptions for Wesley and we even designed our very own fruit!

Here are some of our creations!

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