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Since October half-term we have been learning lots of skills in gymnastics and rounders. In gymnastics, we have been learning lots of rolls including log rolls and teddy bear rolls, as well as cartwheels. We also practiced jumps and balances. We combined all of this learning and worked in pairs and groups of four to create sequences. We all showcased these sequences to the class. It was lots of fun! Rounders is a new game we have been learning. We have practiced the underarm throw, as well hitting with a rounders bat. We then incorporated these skills into a 3V3 game, which included batters and fielders. We did really well at remembering our throwing and hitting skills whilst running as fast as we could to score points in the game. Saint Catherine displayed super team work and cooperation, well done!




PE sessions are on Friday afternoons this year, which is a lovely end to our busy week. Our session is split into two parts. The first part is an aerobic/ fitness session. This really raises our heart rate. It includes a variety of different exercises and activities such as burpees, squats, push ups, star jumps and skipping.  Our second part of the session has been focused on balance, coordination, flexibility and strength in the form of Yoga. We have been doing an amazing job with holding our poses. Keep up the great effort!


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