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Y2 St Teresa of Calcutta

PE Changing Dates:

Next term (starting 19th April) PE for Year 2 will be on a Monday, please send your child in with their PE kit and suitable shoes on.


Next terms focus:

English- We will be focusing our reading and writing around the book 'Gregory Cool'  and 'The Dragon Machine.'

Science- We will be learning all about plants.

Maths-We will be finishing our addition and subtraction topic and moving on to multiplication and division.


Interventions for next term

Tutor mates- Some children will have extra reading time to help build their confidence and reading skills

Reading with Mr Skeffington-1:1 reading sessions for some children once a week

Maths with Mr Skeffington 1:1 maths sessions for some children once a week

Phonics with Mrs Chiassaro- a group of children will be working with Miss Chiassaro everyday to practice their phonics.



Links to learning materials that will help support children for the spring term



Addition and subtraction

Addition and subtraction - Year 2 - P3 - Maths Collection - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

A Parent Guide to Year 2 Maths (teacher made) (


Times tables





gregory cool story - Bing video

The Dragon Machine - Bing video

Punctuation: capital letters and full stops ks1 - Topmarks Search

Conjunctions: Using conjunctions to join ideas - Year 2 - P3 - English - Catch Up Lessons - Home learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize


Phonics Practice:



Plants - KS1 Science - BBC Bitesize







A message to parents and carers

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